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Halloween Sale on Artfire and Etsy!

Hello! I'm having a 10% sale in my Artfire and Etsy shop. Type in HALLOWEEN2011  (same code for both stores), and get 10% off!

FrockTarts - ArtFire Seller Shop

Etsy sale

 Hello! As often happens with us crafty type, my work is completely overtaken my living area and finding myself in need of some space (and cash) to devote to my hobby. So, I am having a sale in my Etsy store, and a closet cleaning sale over at my personal journal! 

Use the coupon code CLEANING in my Etsy store, and get 10% off any handcrafted item.

This coupon code will be good till the end of July. I will be listing more items throughout the month so keep an eye on it! :D

Also selling some more mundane clothes items as well as crafting items in my personal journal. This includes leather scraps, fabric and various shirts and skirt type things .   Click here for clothes  and here for craft stuff


A piece of mine was  recently featured in and Etsy treasury, The Wearin' O' the Green.



Hello, this is the sewing journal of harlequin_elf, and open to the public.  I'm only posting sewing, or sewing related stuff here. Feel free to friend this journal, if that's what you're interested in. I will not be updating  this journal daily, so if it seem that its inactive for long periods of time, I'm in between projects. For a look at past works, please visit my deviantArt page.

Finished commission

The Masters Coat 3 by =FrockTarts on deviantART

A female version of the velvet coat worn by Anthony Ainley in the  Doctor Who series as "The Master".  Black velveteen. Skirt instead of pants. All the embroidery on the collar was done by the wonderful Inky, as well as the photography. Self covered buttons, long skirt pleated in the front and back, and a tall stand up collar.( for photos of the original, go here  http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/classic/gallery/master/index.shtml )



To see the rest of the pics, go here

The Harlequin Project

So, This has been beating around in my head for a bit, but.
If any of you watch =InKibus you know she designed me this harlequin outfit.  This isn't the first time some one has designed a harlequin outfit for me though. My good friend ~Grimawormtongue designed one for me a few years ago for Halloween. I ended up not sewing it because I found out I had a back curve (and the outfit involved a corset), and have been putting it off ever since. Well, now I know I can safely wear a corset no problem, so there is no reason I couldn't get started on that on again. But that had me thinking. Anyone who knows me, know I love Harlequins. Mimes, and Jester designs (But, for the record, I am NOT fond of the bozo the clown look).
So... I want to start a protect, "The Harlequin Project". What would it involve?
Well, I love see people different takes on everything, so. Here's my thoughts on what I'd love to try and do.
You design a Harlequin/jester/mime outfit, and I will attempt to bring it to life. :D
*Not Immediately* Commission take first dibs on what time I have over what I want to do, and my time *is* sadly limited. So, it might take me a bit to get around to a particular design. Still, I'm in no rush, I see this as a constantly on going project.
A few thing I ask though, if you do want to design something.
1) I don't mind getting a little saucy, but please, no stripper/g-string designs. I would not be comfortable sewing or wearing something like that. otherwise it can be anything. Steampunk, Goth, Medieval, Punk, flapper, so long as it's in a Harlequin, Jester or Mime theme.
2)You can feel free to use pics of the finished outfit, if you want, to put it on say a profile or resume. You designed it. ;)
This is still in the tenitve stage, but I'd love to hear feedback.

FrockTarts on FaceBook and Twitter!

FrockTarts now has a FaceBook page and a Twitter page.

Two shirts done for a trad for winneganfake 

Made from Folkwear pattern 116 Russian and Ukrainian shirt... I did a wee bit of modifying on them though.. I made the collor taller, took about four inchs out of the puff on the sleaves, made the whloe thing longer, and made the side panles a bit large... I really think the "large" size sould be a bit larger myself, bro found that size a bit tight and he isn't a huge guy.  I really need to do a review on tha pattern.

Winneganfake shirt 2 by =FrockTarts on deviantART</lj-embed>
Cross posted to my privet journal.

Recently finished custom jabot

A recently finished custom wedding jabot...   Click on pic for more info and pictures.

The fabric and the buttons were picked out by the customer

FrockTarts now has an Esty Shop!

Now FrockTarts has an Esty Shop! www.FrockTarts.etsy.com Check it out! :)